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Quantum Healing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

May 19 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Quantum Healing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
Please bring your pillow, yoga mat and/or blanket for your comfort. Feel free to bring your crystals and extra water bottles to charge up!
During your sound bath, you will experience three very powerful energy healing modalities, including Sound Therapy and the Quantum Healing techniques of Emotion Code and Quantum Touch.
Everyone gets a free vibrational gift and a complimentary Tuning Fork Mini Treatment before the immersion and also a crystal pyramid mini attunement after the immersion! Please arrive approximately 10 minutes earlier to receive your tuning fork mini attunement.
Register for your spot at: https://bit.ly/cc-soundbath
Registration Fee: $44
Location: Studio 67, in The Feed Mill plaza, 67 N. Main St., Medford, NJ
Join us in taking an expansive inner journey immersed in an hour of harmonic crystal bowl sound frequencies for mind, body, and soul healing while you also receive Quantum Healing from Kim Condurso, a certified practitioner of Emotion Code, Body Code and Quantum Touch. Using Emotion Code, Kim will release some of your “emotional baggage” by identifying and releasing specific “trapped emotions” (emotional energy that has become lodged in the body from stressful/traumatic events during your lifetime) which could be a root cause of one’s physical and/or emotional distress. She will provide each participant with their own unique list of “trapped emotions” along with the corresponding age in which the emotion was “trapped”. All of this will be determined through Kinesiology, a form of muscle resistance testing. Quantum Touch involves a light touch in which the practitioner creates a high resonating field of energy through the breath. The participant will then “entrain” to this higher vibration, thus freeing energy blockages in the body. If you would like more information on these Quantum Healing modalities, click here
Energy healing has existed since the dawn of civilization and has evolved since then into over 200 specialized energy healing practices. The common thread among all energy practices is the manipulation of frequencies to induce beneficial mental and physiological changes in the body by removing energy blockages and correcting energetic imbalances. 
Together, we will balance your 7 main energy centers (chakras) to improve the flow of energy around the body which will enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing, and enable connective experiences.

It is in the cells of the body that we hold the emotional wounds and traumas of our lives and the function of energy healing is to excavate, release, refresh and renew.

By clearing blockages and releasing these painful experiences we make room for LIGHT, creating healing, and higher vibration and frequency within. Which allows more freedom and authenticity in our lives! During each session, we will set intentions to manifest desired outcomes.

Resting comfortably in a crystalline sound warp, attendees will experience the frequencies and harmonies of crystal singing bowls and settle into an ultra relaxing brainwave state where healing, revelations, and magic can happen.

*Dress comfortably*Doors close at 11 am so please be on time.* Feel free to bring your crystals and extra water bottles to charge up!**Give yourself some extra time if you have not been here to this address before.* No show attendee fees are not refundable

About Kim

A former Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher, Kim is a scientist to the core. She retired early from her successful teaching career to be an ambassador & teacher of healthy living. In addition to owning her own business, Quantum Origins, where she provides energy healing services, she also hosts numerous educational events which aim to teach the community about the science behind energy healing, intention and how mind over matter impacts our physical and emotional well-being. 

About Michelle

As an educator of the quantum mechanics of the Law of Attraction, Michelle navigates clients through the Process of Creating the Life You Want through healing sound immersions, transformational coaching sessions, spiritual development, and speaking engagements. For more information, click on theconsciousnesscultivator.com/


May 19
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Michelle Bunting


Studio 67 Medford
67 North Main Street
Medford, NJ 08055 United States
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